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Meditation: Fitness for Your Mind

Meditation is defined as “To think deeply or focus one’s mind for a period of time, in silence or with the aid of chanting, for religious or spiritual purposes or as a method of relaxation.”

For a long time I doubted the benefits of meditation but I have to say it really does work. Even if for only 10 minutes each day, it makes a difference. Many people think they don’t have the time to meditate, but the truth is, by adding meditation into your life, you will end up with more time because it will make you more focused and productive. The way fitness trains your body, meditation trains your mind.

How does one meditate? There are many different types of meditation. The most common and easiest way is by getting into a comfortable position, closing your eyes and focusing on your breathing.

Here are just a few of the reasons why you should try it:

  1. It will decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety. In some cases it was even found to be as effective as taking anti-depressants.

  2. It will improve your focus and attention span. Studies have shown that students who meditated were able to perform up to 10 times better than people who did not.

  3. Reduces your risk of heart attack and stroke. Due to a decrease in blood pressure and stress levels, one study showed there was a 48% decrease in risk for the participants.

  4. It makes you stronger against pain. We all have aches and pains each day, whether it be the lower back, knees or other areas. In one study, meditation showed a 57% reduction in pain unpleasantness, which was higher than the participants that took morphine.

  5. Lastly, it improves relationships. Meditation helps with being able to improve your mood quickly. This will create a better environment for your loved ones and prevent arguments later on.

Do you meditate? Leave a comment below about your experience with meditation!

Thanks for reading!


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